Pastor Burke

Easter is almost here!!


Dear friends,

April is a lovely month, a month of green, of flowers, filled with a deep welling of joy for Spring, the brightest, most renewing season of the year. This season of renewal has come, not too soon, after a colder and wetter winter than usual. The big rains we’ve had this year are a real blessing for all of California. I am writing this on the 22 of March and last night was the biggest thunder and lightening storm I can recall in the North Bay in many years.

Heaven! Pay attention and I will speak;
Earth! Listen to the words of my mouth.

My teaching will fall like raindrops;
my speech will settle like dew—
like gentle rains on grass,
like spring showers on all that is green—

because I proclaim the Lord’s name:
Give praise to our God!

Deuteronomy 32: 1-3 (CEB)

In April you can feel life bubbling up all around, bringing richness to earth and sky, all rain washed and refreshed after our three year drought. Now there is an abundance of wet, moisture perfectly placed at the roots, bringing all of creation back to life. So we celebrate and rejoice that God’s love and abundance surrounds us, bringing joy and sustenance to all creation.

April is fully spring with winter over and the long growing season just begun. Crops of greens are already coming in to market with asparagus and artichokes and young peas, soon to be followed by strawberries, and the first of the stone fruit in another month or so. God is glorious; so powerful and so caring with each of us. Like a loving parent, God guides and nurtures us through our lives. Springtime shows us this same action in the natural world as the loving rains and then sun awakens new growth and spirit in the land. The spring warmth awakens the earth, breaking open the shell that surrounds each seed so that they sprout and send roots deep into the ground.

As with the seeds, God’s love and guidance helps our soul sprout, grow and blossom over the course of our lives.  Even though our bodies grow old, our souls stay ever young and fresh, for we each are born from an eternal spring. We often think that we are born here, in this place and with these parents and as part of this community. This is true but only partly so, for the greater part of us is endlessly flowing from a source that is perfect and unstoppable. Do not forget that the majority of who and what we are is spirit and directly from God. This is why Jesus spoke of the kingdom as being among us, rather than in the future. For the kingdom is within us and around us, like a fountain of cool, delicious, healing water, directly from the source. Ever flowing and ever ready to welcome us, to nurture us and to renew us.

We are nearly at Easter, the season of miracles. Rejoice in Jesus who is here with us always: as friend, as comforter, as companion on the road of life.

Have a blessed Easter and see you in church,

Pastor Burke