Lent 2017 – Recognizing Jesus’ spiritual teachings

􏱇􏱈􏱉􏰀􏱊􏱋􏱌􏱍􏱎􏱏􏱋􏱐􏰀􏱑􏱈􏱒􏱓􏱔􏰀􏱕􏱈􏱉􏱐􏰀􏱔􏱖􏱌􏱔􏰀􏱕􏱈􏱉􏰀􏱌􏱊􏱋􏰀􏱔􏱖􏱋􏰀􏱔􏱋􏱗􏱘􏱍􏱋􏰀􏱈􏱙􏰀􏰦􏱈􏱑􏱐􏰀 􏱌􏱒􏱑􏰀􏰦􏱈􏱑􏰀􏱖􏱎􏱗􏱚􏱋􏱍􏱙􏰀􏱎􏱚􏰀􏱎􏱒􏰀􏱕􏱈􏱉􏱛􏰀􏰞􏱈􏰀􏱈􏱒􏱋􏰀􏱜􏱎􏱍􏱍􏰀􏱝􏱋􏱔􏰀􏱞􏱕􏰀􏱜􏱎􏱔􏱖􏰀You realize, don’t you, that you are the temple of God, and God himself is in you? No one will get by with wasting God’s temple, you can be sure of that. God’s temple is sacred and you, remember, are the temple.   1 Corinthians 3:16-17

Please join us in worship!

April 2 – Fifth Sunday in Lent
Scripture- Matthew 11:25-30
Sermon – Stress and Jesus

April 9 – Palm Sunday
Scripture- John13:31-35
Sermon-Love and Jesus

EggsHoly Week

Maundy Thursday – 6 pm Fireside room
John 14:15-31
The Spirit and Jesus

Good Friday –  3 pm Sanctuary
Matthew 27:32-61
Sacrifice and Jesus


April 16 – Easter Sunday
Scripture- Luke 6:27-38
Sermon- Forgiveness and Jesus

Sunrise Service 6:30 am Church Lawn
Hospitality and Jesus

April 23 – Second Sunday in Easter
Scripture- Romans 12: 1-10
Sermon-The Body of Christ

April 30 – Third Sunday in Easter
Romans 12: 11-21
The Spirit of Christ

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Each Sunday, we offer Bible Study classes for adults in English and in Fijian, and Worship Services in English and in Fijian as well. We celebrate Holy Communion on the first Sunday of every month.

We have a Children’s Sunday School each week. Children join the adults in worship, and then they go to their class(es) in the Education Wing. We also offer child care in the Nursery (near the Office).

All are welcome! Please invite a friend or neighbor to come with you to celebrate Jesus’ presence among us.

For information about specific worship services, or for general questions, please contact our office (Monday through Friday, 9 am to 12 pm).