Six Spiritual Practices that will Change Your Life and Transform Your Community”

Tuesdays 5-6:30 pm
May 7- June 11, Fireside Room

The Six Spiritual Practices are what love looks like in action. They are a new formulation of a very old set of teachings and disciplines. If you apply them regularly, you will have more energy and vitality, more focus, more compassion, more clarity, and more joy. And these effects will ripple outward into your marriage and family, your parenting, your workplace, your friendships, your neighborhood, and city.  These practices will change your life and transform your community. They will connect you and the people around you to Purpose, the experience of belonging to something infinitely greater than ourselves.

Like physical training, however, spiritual growth doesn’t happen instantaneously in a moment of illumination. It requires patience, repetition, and hard work. The Six Spiritual Practices are a set of skills to be developed – not a collection of tenets you must believe in or agree to.

Subsequently, in order to help us integrate these practices into our daily lives, our book study group will discuss the practices based on our personal experiences rather than theoretically. It will therefore be important that participants read each section of the book* prior to our weekly gatherings and make an effort to engage the practices in your daily life.

All are welcome, however, please RSVP with the church office.  Although you do not have to make every session, due to the nature of the subject matter and to honor the group coherence, it will be incumbent upon each participant to make every effort to attend as much as possible.


* Books can be purchased through Copperfields or online at Barnes & Noble or Amazon. Please read the appropriate section before each session.