Our onsite worship services have been canceled; however, you are invited to join us (virtually) for worship on Sundays at 10:30 a.m. — or anytime that suits you — by making use of the Worship Resources provided here. 


Songs and Hymns for March 29th

Click on the song title for video with music and lyrics.
“Hymn of Promise” 
#707 UM Hymnal

Prayers and Meditations

Parts of Worship Service

Worship Resources

“Physical distancing” does not have to mean “social distancing,” so we’ll be offering opportunities to come together online for singing and music, prayers and group meditations, sermons, and other opportunities for giving thanks and praise. Let’s gather, worship, and support each other!
You are encouraged to stand (if able) and sing along with the hymns below! Just like we are worshiping together!!

Click here to listen to podcasts of the Sermons from Pastor Eric