The Season of Lent
Ash Wednesday to Easter Eve
Feb 14 through March 29
Easter April 1

Lent is the 40 days before Easter (not including Sundays). This is a time of spiritual preparation. Some people give up a luxury, others take on a new practice to draw themselves closer to God. The work we do in these 40 days prepares us for the fullness of Easter.

Whatever you choose to do in this precious time, we invite you to pick up a small stone. Keep it in your pocket or in your purse — somewhere you will encounter it often. And when you notice it, consider what trips you up in life.

Are there question on your heart you have not asked? Is there a past of which you need to let go? Is there a new hope that you need to pursue? Take a moment to pray each time you see or feel your stone and see what God lays on your heart.