Mark your calendars and learn more about upcoming special events. To check or schedule an event on our Master Calendar, please call the church office.


8/11 – Worship Meeting
12:15 pm FSR

8/11 – Open Mic Night
6:30 pm Social Hall 

8/13 – Men’s Group
8:30 am Palms Grill – corner of McDowell Blvd & E. Washington St.
8/18 – Church Council Meeting
12:15 pm FSR
Pastor Eric will be on vacation August 1-10

Adult Bible Study in English
Sunday 9:00 am • Fireside Room
Monday 7:00 pm • Fireside Room

Fijian Bible Study
Sunday 12:30 pm and Wednesday 9:00 pm

Fijian Worship Service
1:00 pm Sanctuary

Sunday Crafts Group
Sunday 2:00 pm Fireside Room

Pastor in the Office
Tuesday & Wednesday 10:00 am-12:00 pm 

Prayer and Bible Study Group
Tuesday 2:00 pm 

Silent Meditation 
Wednesdays 6:00-6:30 pm Sanctuary

Open AA Meeting (community-based)
Wednesday 6:30 pm • Social Hall

Quilt Group 
Thursday 10:00 am Rm 4

Book Club
Lat Friday of the month at home of Karen De Lue